1. Therapy
  2. What is it?
  3. How does it do it?
  4. What is the benefits for patients?
  5. What is the benefits for doctors?
  6. Contraindications and precautions?

1. What is Carbonic acid therapy

Carbonic Acid is naturally present in the human body and without it our bodies will not be able to function in a normal way. This therapy application is done by introducing CO2 into the chamber to react with the highly excited H2O steam molecules to form a new compound called Carbonic Acid (H2CO3) that have the ability to penetrate effortlessly into the skin and bloodstream dew to its highly soluble state which increase the oxygen absorption ability of blood, musculature and skin.

This physiological process is known as the “Bohr effect in medicine“, contributed to modern medical science by Danish physiologist Christian Bohr in 1904. The Bohr effect is one of the most sought after physiological affects that top medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic scientists in the world are trying to achieve by spending billions of dollars to research and development treatments and pharmaceutical substances that can be patented to achieve this phenomenon

The Bohr effect is not the only radical effect that carbonic acid has on the human body. Its other very distinct mechanisms that relates to stress therapy, Cellulite treatment, cardiovascular disorders and toning of the skin and reducing scar marks are discussed in the following segment.

The conclusion of the Bohr effect is that it increase the energy production that is needed for the body to maintain, defend and enhance itself.

2. What is does

Carbonic Acid have several well researched and published scientific mechanisms of action that induce its very distinct and powerful effects on the body. As technology advanced, it has now become much easier, cost effective and practical to harvest the benefits of this incredible compound.

Carbonic Acid does the following:
It dilates the arteries to increase blood flow threw out the entire body

It enhances oxygen delivery at cellular level in the muscles, organs, brain, skin and other parts of the body.

It is a natural anti-inflammatory compound

It is a fat dissolving compound

It naturally sedates and calms the central nervous system

Stimulator of warmth receptors in the skin, inhibition of cold receptors

Vasodilation of arteries

Reconstruction of functionally closed capillaries

Rightward shift in O2 dissociation curve

Rise in venous response

Improvement in blood flow properties

Sedation of Central nervous system

From the CO2 BATH research paper attached are the following conclusions

Table 2. Direct Effects of Carbon Dioxide Bath

Primary Effects of CO2 Bath on the Skin:

1. CO2 bubbles cling to skin.
2. CO2 diffusion through the skin (not from the gas bubbles).

Influencing factors:

– Partial pressure gradient

– Blood flow

– Skin properties

3. CO2 absorption (10-80 mL CO2/min; average of 30 mL/min/m2 body surface area. Corresponding to about 1.8-4.5 L/h) (= 10% of amount of CO2 produced by the body in the same time).
4. Rapid transport of absorbed CO2

Secondary Direct Effects of CO2 Bath:

  1. Flushing of the skin, presence of distinct ischemic boundry line (at and above 300-500 mg CO2/L).
  2. Dilation of precapillary arterioles and increase in capillaries through which blood is flowing.
  3. Promotion of blood flow through capillaries.
  4. Increase in amplitude of spontanious blow flow fluctuation (“vasomotion”).
  5. Inhibition of cold receptors and stimulation of warmth receptors, thereby lowering the intermediate temperature from 35°C (fresh water) to 32-33° (CO2 water).
  6. In a full bath at 32-33°C, the core body temperature decreases 0.5-1.0°C.
  7. Changes in circulatory statedecrease in capillary resistance

– decrease in capillary resistance
– “automatic transfusion of peripheral areas of body”
– decrease in blood pressure
– bradycardia

Result: Low-volume load (HMV increase does not exceed 30 to 50%) under economic (trophotropic) conditions of mild hypothermia.

Serial Application:

Adaptive changes in circulatory system over a prolonged period of time.

Long term Effects of CO2 Baths

The direct effects of CO2 baths are utilized for therapeutic ends. In addition, the pharmacological effects of carbon dioxide have been studied and are well documented. However, the sustained long-term effects that are desired can be obtained only through serial application, and so it is such serial application that determines the ultimate effectiveness of CO2 baths. These long term effects are not merely the sum of the individual effects. Rather, they are brought out by fundamental changes in the autonomic nervous system in stimulation, Response and adaptation therapy2.10 . There are instances where trophotropic economic changes in the autonomic trigger a temporary aggravation in the patients state (cure crisis) with the passage of time10  (Fig. 6: CO2 baths 4-7).

Research done by Japanese Scientists show in the following diagram what significant impact carbonic acid or a CO2 bath has on the blood flow in the feet of ischemic patients.


3. What is the benefit to the patient

  • It is a natural therapy, non invasive with no side effects or immune suppression
  • Enjoy not only the relaxation brought on from this modality but also the peace of mind of knowing that you are directly combating the adverse effects that stress have on your body
  • Naturally increase energy for vitality, immune function and life quality dew to higher cell respiration
  • It is a natural way to effectively relax and calm the central nervous system with no chemical side effects or digestive disturbances
  • Naturally reduce high blood pressure without side effects
  • With sustained and repeated use you can rebuild and strengthen your cardiovascular system noninvasively
  • Prevent Heart attacks and strokes
  • Increase cardio vascular output in a resting, passive position
  • Practical solution for quadriplegics and blood circulation problems dew to in-activeness
  • Greatly increase longevity
  • Great solution for cardiovascular readjustment for office bound people who do not get to do a lot of physical activity
  • Greatly improve skin properties and the appearance of the skin
  • Acts as a powerful skin cleanser by flushing or irrigating the skin
  • Better brain function dew to greatly enhanced blood flow
  • Better recovery for Athletes threw instantaneous enhanced blood flow
  • Prevent Amputations of limbs dew to complications of diabetic foot ulcers
  • Enhance the immune system with increased blood flow
  • Reduce muscle spasms naturally dew to increased oxygen delivery that enhance muscle flexibility and reduce contraction
  • Deal with erectile dysfunction naturally and promote a healthy strong erection
  • Promote well-being and natural anti – aging in the body
  • Better blood circulation means less pain and more movability
  • Faster wound healing
  • Better your athletic performance
  • Speedup your recovery time
  • Deal efficiently with lactic acid
  • Excellent substitute for exercise in the sick, weak elderly and quadriplegic
  • Scientifically proven to Reduce and breakdown cellulite resulting in weight loss and loss of abdominal and thigh circumference

Scientifically proven to Reduce and breakdown cellulite resulting in weight loss and loss of abdominal and thigh circumference


Table 4. Major Indicators for CO2 Balneotherapy

  1. Hypertension, especially borderline hypertension
  2. Arteriolar occlusion, Stages I and II
  3. Functional arteriolar blood flow disorders
  4. Microcirculatory disorders
  5. Functional disorders of the heart

Indications for CO2 gas bath:
Delayed wound healing, topical blood flow disorders, CO2 therapy indications for which water baths are contraindicated.

Benefits for doctors

  1. Be confident to work with a well published and well proven modality
  2. Demonstrate superiority by obtaining above average results in one of the biggest problem areas in the medical arena (cardio vascular) with no side effects and even improving longevity in your patients
  3. The therapy is extremely cost effective and highly effective
  4. Distinguish yourself as a professional able to deliver the results that your patients come to see you for
  5. Gain more income from more frequent visitations to perform weekly the therapies
  6. Attract a more affluent market
  7. Easy to demonstrate and proof the ability and credibility of this Carbonic acid therapy
  8. Broaden your audience and market to aesthetics, athletes performance enhancement
  9. Present yourself as a proactive and not reactive HP and see how you capture the interest of your audience
  10. Present yourself as a life quality improver and not a symptom remover

Contraindications and Precautions for CO2 Balneotherapy

The various types of decompensation, such as acute pyretic diseases, consumptive diseases and ulcers, for which immersion full baths are contraindicated on the account of the effects of immersion are generally contraindicated addition, contraindications specific to CO2 balneotherapy include severe hypertension, new cardiac infarction’s, aortic and mitral valve stenosis, severe congenital heart failure, cor pulmonale, bronchopulmonary diseases accompanied by hypercapnia, and acute inflammatory vascular diseases. CO2 balneotherapy is also contraindicated severe disorders. No natural remedies can make use of such a broad and diverse base of knowledge as carbon dioxide baths. A number of earlier indications have become outdated and are no longer useful with the development of cerebrovascular disorders. When a CO2 spring source is used in a warm bath, treatment must be safely carried out in such a way as to keep people from inhaling a large amount of CO2. Water surface measurements at CO2 spas have shown that 2-4%, and sometimes even higher levels, of CO2 are present in the air. The patient should be instructed to avoid bringing the nose or mouth any closer than necessary to the surface of the water and to avoid undue exertion while in the CO2 bath. Even with such precautions, central nervous system symptoms (hypertension, cerebral hypoxia syndrome) will occasionally appear.

To summarize, systematic and skilled balneotherapy utilizing carbonated water, which as been practiced for more than 120 years, has in recent years become solidly grounded in the natural sciences, particularly with respect to its use in the treatment of cardiac and peripheral vascular disorders. No natural remedies can make use of such a broad and diverse base of knowledge as carbon dioxide baths. A number of earlier indications have become outdated and are no longer useful with the development of modern cardiology. Yet balneotherapy which applies carbon dioxide baths for indications in which it is regarded even today as effective is sometimes important and effective for carrying out a treatment program over the course of a lifetime, and effects desirable for treatment continue even beyond the period of balneotherapy. F.W. Beneke, who had not yet acknowledged the carbon dioxide in the carbon dioxide spas at Nauheim as being and effective factor in the cardiovascular effects of treatment, nonetheless made the following statement. “I have never hesitated to allow heart disease patients suffering from rheumatism to bathe in the spas. I believe that bathing for such patients is not without meaning.”

It is my hope that baleotherapy which is being carefully studied in this way will once again become widely used in combined therapy programs, rehabilitation programs, and preventive care programs conducted in various places as cures.